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34.10 €uros

More than 300 pathologies and about 100 imbalance d state d souls are approached, you will find individually the synergies of crystals which will bring l necessary energy in l body to find l harmony, unique: about 40 dials and boards

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22.00 €uros

Guide of aromatherapy and aromachologie, properties, indications and advice of use of gasolines of plants, immediate employment, abounding in advice and tried formiles and easy to implement, health, shape, beauty, physical and mental well-being

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23.00 €uros

Essential oil aroused many passions since a few decades and still create it, n having no again delivered all their secrets, c is why, hardly works of recognized scientists but also those of therapists

26.00 €uros

Real therapeutic tool indispensable to every doctors, all the hypnotizers, all the infirmiéres, or to all the participant in the field of best etre, it will also be trés precious to the person who chooses the way of the cure

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17.24 €uros

This book-CD introduces you to the main chakras and teaches you how to purify them by freeing them from the grip of fear. Know that your natural state is a state of energy, intuition and creativity.

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