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1.44 €uros

Add a pinch of salt in your ink for a protection of your talismans, papers, to take away the enemies and the negative energies, put a coffee spoon in your bath before any rite of invocation will strengthen your authority

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6.10 €uros

Small bowl to receive the salt then your cérèmonies, will be of the most beautiful effect on your altar

1.20 €uros

The salt of Dead Sea invites you in the meditation and especially in the meditation, it will also calm your spirit and you aportera a well-being, it will be a tool of purification of your place, house, business and protection during your rites

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3.60 €uros

Incense of purification for a place either of a house or your car, you can clean your stones, your crystals, also to use during ' a rite of consecration or any magic, you can put it in your bath

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4.15 €uros

Spread from what is fatal, trés useful against the banishments, to expel a spiritual entity, to use during sessions d exorcisms, to use for the purifications of place, the business or the house

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5.05 €uros

Salt of snake is effective in your house or trades, to crush the salt, to spread is or aprés the passage of the unwanted persons, cross you the salt on your body or on your clothes to remove the problems

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6.60 €uros

the soap against the evil eye will be used as soon as you feel bad in your body or that badly cared people have hurt you, wet this soap and pass it on your body, rinse if necessary

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