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1.50 €uros

Wormwood repels evil spirits during the summer solstice, it is thrown into the fire to repel all that is negative, we burn this grass as incense to protect itself, serves to clean the objects of divination: mirror, tarot, ball Crystal

4.15 €uros

The protective bean will protect you from people who want you harm, will return negative waves, cut a small piece about two centimeters, the small piece will carry on you, in your pocket or in your purse

6.85 €uros

Real root of osha whole, very famous medicinal plant, it is also used for several centuries by the Amerindians who used it as talisman, as happiness carries, chewed her to favor the visions

13.28 €uros

Kinnick Kinnick is the name given to the mixture of the Sacred Pipe, used to guide shamans in their quests of divinations and predictions, this mixture is intended for large ceremonies and special occasions

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