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13.20 €uros

EARTH WISDOM ORACLE is an oracle deck of great visual power, full of mystery and spirituality. It is a creative synergy between writer, Barbara Moore a renowned, American tarot and divination expert and the young , talented, Italian artist, Cris

20.10 €uros

Cards in this oracle remain faithful to the traditional images Lenormand, just like they appeared to the XIXth century in Paris, but are in one bigger than the normal format. Complete directions are included in Laura Tuan's book

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23.90 €uros

The Flower of Life is a powerful symbol of creation that contains the seed of all possibilities, the essence of all desires. Thus, each of the 52 magnificently illustrated cards carries an infinite divine potential

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29.00 €uros

The Game of your destiny is a divinatory game within the reach of all. A real practical introduction to the art of divination and personal fulfillment, it will allow you, through its 54 maps, to discover all aspects of life

22.00 €uros

Aloha means in Hawaiian affection, love, compassion as well as many other related feelings. It is used to say hello or goodbye. This magnificent illustrated oracle immerses us in the beauty, love and strength of shamanism

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16.80 €uros

The powerful illustrations of the Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher have become an internet sensation. Rooted in the Kabbalah mystique, the Angelarium is a platform to personify concepts that we all collectively understand. The goal of the artist w

22.90 €uros

Sometimes we need to get a simple answer to our questions. Is it yes or is it not, Thanks to these 44 beautifully illustrated cards accompanied by an explanatory book, you will receive very clearly the direct and benevolent messages

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22.90 €uros

Where is my soulmate , When will I get married? Or "Is this the one I'm waiting for, ... Thanks to the Angels of Love, you will be able to make accurate and reliable prints about your own love life and that of your loved ones

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