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Oracle Gypsy

the gypsy oracle is a classic fortune telling game, however when we detail each card we realize that it has treasures of symbols, very subtle the meaning of the cards that compose it is rich, colorful, full of meaning, they immediately inspire its user and easily reveal the future, we can use them to predict the near future but also to reveal the psychology of an individual, the Gypsies are from North India, they have so much traveled around the world as their culture and traditions have come down to us, they are known as fortune tellers, women especially but some men also practice several forms of divination: crystal balls, tea leaves, clouds , the sand of the rivers, the moon, the lines of the hand and of course the maps, their divinatory maps are simple appearances, they are the reflection of everyday life my is they carry within them all the mystery, the symbolism, the spirituality of a people very charged in history, thus thanks to the Gypsy Oracle it is all the richness of this nomadic people which is expressed and which offers perspectives on life very different from our western way of understanding the world, multi-language booklet, format 6 x 9 cm 36 cards

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