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3.00 €uros

The flute, the legend of the wood that sings according to the Amerindians, it seems that it is an instrument to woo women, to mark moments of rest at ceremonies

50.20 €uros

The drum on frame is one of the oldest musical instrument of the world, this drum finds itself in popular music and will be useful during your ceremonies and during your demonstrations of ritual

4.15 €uros

This small drum of wooden monkey is a percussion instrument trés playful and trés easy to play

6.10 €uros

Haughtiness maracas realized with one coconut, hand-made, ideal in any age

6.10 €uros

The children will be fascinated by the particular sound, it is an ideal instrument for the first awakening of your baby, tilted the stick, we hear a soft crackling calling back the rain

5.05 €uros

The wooden castanets are ideal for evenings in thémes, flamenco, disguised party , Spanish folklore

5.05 €uros

Attractive wooden rattles was reserved for the lepers in the Middle Ages to warn of their passage, endowed with a sound powerful and used during carnivals notament in Swiss, used in the symphony of Mozart

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