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20.00 €uros

Thanks to the almanac of the witch, learn what are moments convenient to the love, to the work, to the creation, to the health and one thousand the other subjects, the almanac of the witch accompanies us as the seasons go by, and as a small help does not

23.00 €uros

the secrets of the magicians , mainly Morocco , Algeria , tunisia, egypt , De tunusia , Palestine , Sengal are revealed to you , rites , transmissions of powers , invocations, manners of the talismans are treated in a particularly dtailed way

18.00 €uros

You probably know the 8 traditional festivals of pagan philosophies (or Sabbaths), celebrated since time immemorial to mark the race of the sun without forgetting the different Esbats, marking the nights of full moon

24.80 €uros

This book groups together at one time, in an easily transportable size, most of the current magic practices as well as their rites, after a presentation of the various categories of magic, the high magic in the family magics

19.50 €uros

Beneficial, malefic, medicinal, psychotropic, all the plants which it is necessary to know how to pick or not, quite at once(the same time) popularization work and practical guide abundantly illustrated, the secrets of the magic plants list more than 200

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