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All our products : Incense holder

10.10 €uros

This incense cone-shaped incense burner with base will be perfect for your rituals or incense

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10.10 €uros

Brule brown incense, flat and round to receive the burning coals

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9.60 €uros

Brass incense burner with black inlays or burgundy

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5.05 €uros

Ceramic incense burner with rabbit pattern

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20.10 €uros

Burn incense has three floors: first floor: night light, the second floor: to make burn your essential oil, cones, powders, magic and rites, the third floor: incense in sticks

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8.20 €uros

Burn incense round gilded to receive a charcoal or frankincense

13.15 €uros

Burning golden incense cone-shaped

15.05 €uros

Censer regulation in height with pentagram can used with a candle dish warmer, you can the used for your essential oil or your incenses in cones

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