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Incense 6 e chakra of 3 eme eye

Incense 6 e chakra of 3 eme eye

incense , 6th CHAKRA of the 3rd Eye - AJNA Chakra of the 3rd well-balanced eye: Detachment of the material possessions, the fear of the death disappears, gift of telepathy, clairaudience, clear-sightedness, access to the previous lives. Chakra of the 3rd overdeveloped eye: Proud, religiously dogmatic, manipulator and egotistical. Trend to the excessive intellectualization of the slightest thing; on the contrary, trends to the mysticism and in irrational too much marked with, in both cases, a rejection unconscious of the body, the material things and the pleasure. Complex of intellectual superiority, contempt of others, arrogance. Rejection of the everyday life, the tangible assets, incapacitated to have normal social relationships, imperious trends in the field of the spirituality, the certainty to hold the Truth, the incapacity to doubt. Chakra of the 3rd low or blocked eye: Hypersensitive in the feelings of others, little assured and incapable to distinguish the ego of the Me superior. Incapacitated in the intellectualization, the indifference of the cultures, the knowledge, the sciences, the lack of curiosity. Rejection of the spirituality, the rational spirit in the excess, the extreme attachment to the material things and to the physical pleasures. Deficiency in intuition and in extrasensory perceptions. Inferiority complex, behavior of "sheep in company, membership in preconceived ideas, in prejudices, is lacking personality, critical mind, character and free will. bag of 30 gr

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