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Incense 1 er chakra root

Incense 1 er chakra root

1st incense CHAKRA root - MULADHARA Root balanced Chakra: Physical vitality, feeling of well-being, feeling d to be anchored well, feeling to be centered, to sexually affectionate and master of oneself. Root overdeveloped Chakra: Trends to the excesses of physical and material pleasures: accumulation of the properties, the running in the wealth, the excess of table, the abuse of alcoholic drinks and tobacco, obsession of the sex. Trends in l egoism, lack of generosity. Trends in l arterial high blood pressure, in the cholesterol, in the triglycerides, in the excess weight, in the faintness post-- prendiaux, cardiac alerts. Authoritarian, irascible and sometimes violent trends, hyperactivity. the bag of 30 gr

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