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10.32 €uros

The divinatory game Cartomantic de Henry of Surrey resumes the cabbalistique theory the former tarots, the presentation under a synoptic shape allows an immediate reading of their meaning, numerous card games on this esoteric shop , starvoyance

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visit the oracles, tarots, cartomancy, meditation of our esoteric shop

5.05 €uros

Ducale tarot game, 54 washable pastified luxury cards in the format: 6 x 9 cm, red back, you can play tarots and bridges, you can also do clairvoyance or cartomancy

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4.20 €uros

The Lenormand divinatory cards are part of the simplest games of use as the game of fortune but whose predictions are very fine, clarifications in terms of clairvoyance are excellent

11.05 €uros

head in the stars , It is not necessary to know how to read in the stars to use it, it is inspired by astrology, very easy to consult, it gives a quick answer to questions, to complete with an astrological theme

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19.90 €uros

The Great Divinatory Game of Crystal is an extraordinary game by its beauty. Advice to collectors, it is a divinatory game of the first order in the world of clairvoyance, one can also meditate with this game

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15.84 €uros

Marie-Anne Adélaïde Lenormand, been born in 1772, was the biggest fortune-teller of his time, she predicts the tragic end of Marat and Robespierre, 54 cards and a trilingual notebook will introduce you to this method of subjective interpretation

24.00 €uros

The 72 essential angels are gathered in this beautiful box. You will know their meaning, their symbolism, the prayer, the meditation or the exhortation associated with it. You will know how to summon them to benefit from their protection

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