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10.32 €uros

Cartomantic, in which we find the whole of the kabbalistic theory

6.00 €uros

Lenormand game, is a perfect guide for your divinatory consultations

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11.05 €uros

The Planets Game, it gives a quick answer to specific questions

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19.90 €uros

A great divinatory game of the Crystal, this oracle is a powerful initiatory, spiritual tool

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18.00 €uros

Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand, allows you to better understand your future

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24.00 €uros

the cards of the Angels, you will know how to invoke them to benefit from their protection

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8.30 €uros

Petit Lenormand, which pays tribute to the famous clairvoyant Marie-Anne Lenormand

9.60 €uros

The mystical cards of Miss Lenormand, sees its inspiration in the classic cards

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