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20.00 €uros

The secret language of your back pain with deciphering of your evil, you will analyze vertebra by vertebra your vertebral column, help you of boards of chakras on sale on this site to discover of its causes hidden from your body

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28.60 €uros

The treaty of Chinese traditional massage is at the same time an automone discipline who allow to treat a large number of affections and sufferings, you can relieve effectively, magnetize, you donnrez of the well-being to the person

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19.00 €uros

The author so exposes the principles and the techniques of the hydrotherapy and the thalassotherapy, of the most classic in the most innovative, he will also propose you a test simple to have a practice at home

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20.00 €uros

Do you know the true treasure of your hands? Do you know that, thanks to them, can relieve many daily ailments as diverse as insomnia, lumbago, smoking or acne, book advised by the magnetizer Dominique

18.90 €uros

Our guides: to work with them daily, to contact his guardian angels, his deceased relatives, his god, the spirits of nature, his saints, a superior vibration in himself

16.00 €uros

A really complete guide on the energy of pyramids, all that you always wanted to know about pyramids without daring to ask for it without that we dare to reveal him to you, clairvoyance, magic, téléphatie, magnetism, dowsing

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8.00 €uros

You will find in this work 30 more powerful Christian prayers: against possessions, delivery, night-spirits, renunciation of Satan, against the bewitchments, the evil spells, the knotting of aiguillette, false best regards, jealousy, evil eye

12.00 €uros

600 modern receipts and of old wives cures or quack, you will find in this book every receipts of our grandmothers or our grandfathers always so effective nowadays for guèrir of the problems of health or your body

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