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42.00 €uros

Find your guardian angel and benefit from his powerful energy! The explanations of the methods of drawing and the divinatory meanings of the blades open the door to knowledge of the future. They help you make the right decisions and guide you to

1.20 €uros

Dominique Saint Amour, clairvoyant, medium, starvoyance, presents the games or objects that, over the years, will no longer be sold in all the shops of France. They will become Collector games or objects, find the games or objects in the Collect

21.60 €uros

The divinatory game Cartomantic de Henry of Surrey resumes the cabbalistique theory the former tarots, the presentation under a synoptic shape allows an immediate reading of their meaning, numerous card games on this esoteric shop , star voyance

30.00 €uros

Anyone who loves cats knows how many different expressions they can show. Peaceful tranquility when they sleep, innocence when they play. Curiosity, caution, awkwardness, desire for adventure: cats are a fresco of a thousand conditions

48.00 €uros

Decorated with beautiful watercolors, the esoteric tarot of the world of the fairies is signed Barbara Moore, famous for his works on tarot, this tarot is a magical fairy tale in color, easy for beginners

18.00 €uros

The Lenormand divinatory cards are part of the simplest games of use as the game of fortune but whose predictions are very fine, clarifications in terms of clairvoyance are excellent

24.00 €uros

The fortune-telling game contains all the knowledge of the future, the present and the past. Cartomancy is a very old and very popular method of drawing. This game is the simplest representation, decorated with indicative sentences

25.20 €uros

Marie-Anne Adélaïde Lenormand, been born in 1772, was the biggest fortune-teller of his time, she predicts the tragic end of Marat and Robespierre, 54 cards and a trilingual notebook will introduce you to this method of subjective interpretation

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