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All our products : candlesticks

36.15 €uros

Very pretty pentacle tea towel will be useful for your evenings with friends or for your ceremonies on your altar

20.10 €uros

The 3-branch candlestick is ideally sized to accommodate tinted candles in the mass for sale in this esoteric shop and is used for all types of wicca or white magic rituals

9.05 €uros

Candlestick in the shape of crescent moon which can receive a candle, will be of a beautiful effect on your altar

5.05 €uros

Very attractive candlestick in metal to welcome your candles of sanctuary or your night lights, your candles and also neuvaines on your altar

10.10 €uros

Candlestick with a pentagram in metal

17.05 €uros

Candlestick in the shape of witch, to put on your altar during your ceremonies or for your pleasure

4.20 €uros

Candle holder in true crystal salt 1 hole, soothing effects are beneficial against stress, a place or life in general, orange color is challenging in chromatherapy, they can be used as a night light or bedside lamp

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