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50.20 €uros

Pretty little altar engraved with a pentagram motif, very useful during your ceremonies or celebration rituals, in mango wood 30 cm side and 20 cm high

50.20 €uros

Nice little altar engraved with as motive a pentagram, very useful during your ceremonies or during your rites of celebration, wooden of 40 cms of highly-rated and 20 cms high with a safe which premet you to tidy up your accesoires

10.10 €uros

The atheham goddess, carved by hand, represents the mother goddess, fertility and fertility, this athamé is useful for the invocations of gods and goddesses, will be perfect for evocative rituals

25.20 €uros

Athamé Lily with his sheath, trés useful during your ceremonies

10.10 €uros

This athamé moon will be useful during your lunar cérèmonies, possibly to command the primary entities

36.15 €uros

Attractive athamé with a wavy blade, on the handle a pentagram and a triple one the moon

12.10 €uros

The dagger with black handle is advised for spells and also for exhortations, to use during your rites and during your ceremonies

30.10 €uros

Athamé with a head of eagle, to use during your rites and during your ceremonies

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