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2.55 €uros

The broom is used in recipes favoring the divination, its combustion allows to purge the mind and the body, Do not Ingest, sachet of 30 gr

12.10 €uros

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1.30 €uros

Favor the communication with the spirits, protects against the malefic energies, useful to make exorcisms, not Ingest, bag of 30 gr

3.55 €uros

Use them every time a stimulation of the psychic powers is looked for, the locust tree is also popular for the charms intended for the business of love and finance, not To ingest, bag of 30 gr

3.55 €uros

The aché calms the nervous system of the persons and also acts on the psyche, not To ingest, bag of 30 gr

1.77 €uros

The acore calame, strengthens and makes sensitive our consciousness, it also believes our mental perceptions, what is very useful for the meditation, it also has virtues quacks, Not pa to Ingest, bag of 30 gr

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2.87 €uros

The actée in black clusters, the fumigations of this plant allow to push away the negative influences, it also brings strength and courage for one person, Not not Ingerer, bag of 30 gr

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