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Casanova Tarot

Casanova Tarot

Through the sensual body language, the human spirit is described. The tarot deck is an erotic tarot, far from presenting the austere symbolism of a game of esoteric cards, the Arcana often show explicit and provocative images. We are perfectly aware of the fact that this can disconcert some, however the Tarot de Casanova is the fruit of long research, both artistic and esoteric. Eroticism, the male and female body, sex, are in turn symbols of key to interpreting reality as it surrounds us and represent a means of expressing sensations and relationships between individuals, events and objects. The major mysteries are particularly careful as shown for example by 2 des Deniers and the Queen of Sticks on the animation on the right. 78 blades in 6.5 x 12cm format

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